New Az Drivers and problems

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New Az Drivers and problems

Postby AZdrivers » Sun Jul 05, 2015 8:10 pm

Ministry of Transportation failed to establish a program which helps new AZ drivers to find job. Employers demand 2 years experience. This is nothing less than discrimination, because you are licensed by MTO - that means you are qualified and approved to drive. If not, then that means fraud by driving schools and MTO, because you paid lots of money for training.
Where is the right solution?
To go to court is one option. The second - better is to go on strike before Ministry building.
I am waiting for your replies to coordinate actions. We have to address the issue to MTO and demand from government to pass a law which will protect new drivers. By the way, all drivers should demand to be treated like other humans:
- with minimum salary $30 per hour for the highly responsible duty
- with driving / working no more than 40 hours weekly.
- with 40% extra pay for night driving and over the limit hours.
Since the profession of truck drivers is regulated and enforced by government, so should be regulated their salary and working condition. Thank you for response.
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Re: New Az Drivers and problems

Postby The Kurgan » Sun Aug 28, 2016 10:35 am

There are plenty of jobs out there for new drivers, sadly almost all of them are long haul running the US. New AZ drivers thinking they will get nicer local jobs won't, the industry won't let you skip that and truthfully most newer drivers would struggle since you would be in heavier traffic situations and backing into cramped and crappy docks that require experience and skill to do safely and timely.

As for the rest of what you want it simply won't happen. Plenty of DZ level jobs out there might fit your bill but expect a pay around $15/hr or so. I have found out the hard way myself if you want a life outside trucking and want to be home like other working people you won't get it with a AZ unless you are semi retired after years of OTR driving. You won 't make big bucks unless you have special skills or are wiling to live in a truck it's just that simple.

Good luck.
The Kurgan
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