Overtime Pay. Contact the Hon. Maryann Mihychuk

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Overtime Pay. Contact the Hon. Maryann Mihychuk

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An excellent read and something that we would encourage all drivers to do and share.

Let's get the word out !

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What's all this talk about overtime? It's found in almost all trucking related media on the internet as of late. Are driver's starting to figure out it's possible a company may owe them a large correction in settlements.
Why do carriers avoid the subject or provide false corporate interpretation when asked if they are in compliance with this simple particular federal mandate? The many guilty carriers know their actions are grossly negligible without care or concern for the driver's they unlawfully take from.
Coming with the mandate of ELD's will also be the ability to track overtime while in the "commission of commerce", while responsible for a vehicle laden or not that a driver may or may not own.
How do I know if this regulation applies to me? - It's simple, if your carrier operates any assets outside it's home province base of operations they are requisite to meet all federal mandates in relation to labour, safety and all other concerns addressed on a federal level that apply. Even if you personally don't leave the province, you may be included because your carrier operates outside provincial boundaries.
Ask your carrier about overtime and if you fall under federal mandates. Let us know what they tell you in the comments section below ,by message or email.
The language in this regulation is very clear without distortions. Once 60 hrs for highway drivers or 45 hours for city drivers is accrued, a driver qualifies for a regular rate at 1.5%. It makes no exceptions as to where the law applies respectively to city or regional or long haul highway driver's, though some carriers like XTL Transport would try to have you believe something unlawful.
Carriers seem to be in a simple state of gross illiteracy, ignorance, disillusion or unwittingly willfully disobey this law. Many online polls with staggering numbers suggest a large part of the qualifying work force is denied what is mandated by law. It's grossly negligible that reputable carriers disobey this simple law. Many of those carriers are listed in Today's Trucking 2016 "Top 100".
Carrier lobbyists should also be held accountable. Why are these concerns that are industry wide not been addressed to those they claim to represent to government. It's a simple law that has majority of carriers in non compliance. Carrier lobbyists only represent those that can comply with simple labour laws right?
If David Bradley is in legacy mode and he should be since announcing his 2018 departure, shouldn't he be leaving a legacy of honesty, transparency and compliance on all levels of industry and ensure those principals are carried out by those his organizations represent? Who can really say for certs what a person's legacy will be? Questions, that will no doubt keep the political two stepping and double talking confusing the masses. Carriers need to make the same efforts to build alliances with their driver's as they do with their lobbyists- not walls. Then again nobody ever wrote a rule book on this type of thing.
Contacting Hon. MaryAnn Mihychuk the Minister Of Employment, Workforce Development Labour by email is simple. Email her and ask about the regulation or simply to report a non compliant carrier. Her email address is posted below. She has 45 days to respond to you by law. You will receive a pre macro'd "no reply" email confirming delivery of your query.
Below is the official government link to the regulation.
Federal labour standards
Federal labour standards are established under Part III of the Canada Labour Code, which sets out minimum standards that federally regulated employers and employees must follow. To find out more about the minimum standards, please visit the following:
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