Do you as an Long Distance Highway Driver want Hourly Pay

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Hourly Pay vs Mileage Pay

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Do you as an Long Distance Highway Driver want Hourly Pay

Postby snafu » Tue Oct 24, 2017 8:45 pm

The poll is open to all company drivers.
With the implementation of elogs and the carrier and DOT's ability to properly and efficiently record your on duty hours, the days of 'making up' for lost time has come to an end. When you sit in a Toronto, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles or Seattle traffic nightmare that elog is ticking and your mileage pay works out to less than minimum wage.

There is not a single valid reason why carriers cannot pay an hourly rate when you are regulated by the hour.
However, many of the carriers are still in denial and want to blow smoke up your ass saying that elogs won't affect your pay.
There's a reason why they want things to stay the same way as they have for the past number of decades, they make money off your hard work because mileage pay isn't honest. It steals from you for their benefit.

So let's let them know that it's not just one or two that are demanding change.

Take the poll and these results will show them that the majority of truck drivers are fed up with the status quo and demand hourly pay. Pay to reflect every single working hour that you the driver bust your ass to keep their freight moving.
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