Rules of the Board and our mission

Rules of the Board and our mission

Postby snafu » Fri Aug 15, 2014 5:23 pm

This board is run by CANADIAN TRUCK DRIVERS and for CANADIAN TRUCK DRIVERS. It is a forum where drivers can ask, share and help educate other drivers of the benefits and pitfalls of the trucking industry within Canada. The content provided within is based on the knowledge, experiences and opinions of the individual posters. The opinions and views posted here might get heated and not always be shared by others. But drivers have the right to express themselves.
This would include the naming of carriers with a good reputation for treating drivers with respect, operating good safe equipment and upholding ALL of the LABOUR LAWS whether Federal or Provincial as well as identifying those carriers who fail in this regard.

We're not interested in making money off of paid advertisements from carriers that choose to use these types of forums to recruit, we're here to help drivers learn of their rights, like the legal right to overtime pay for long distance, mileage paid, highway drivers which many carriers still refuse to pay. This forum is to help drivers prosper, specifically CANADIAN TRUCK DRIVERS.

If you're a carrier that wishes to post a job opening, please be forewarned, you're free to do so BUT, the drivers/members here are encouraged to hold you accountable for any and all unanswered questions regarding your pay rates and other details.

You're in the Drivers Ball Park now. This is OUR HOME! We interview you!

Simple Rules for the Posters to abide by:

1. Posting of personal info is not advisable. If you're posting your own info, then you're doing so at your own risk.

2. You must register with a valid email address that you can access. You will need to confirm your registration by a confirmation email which will be sent to the email address you register from.

3. No nudity.

4. Better have a thick skin.
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