Why having Unions?

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Why having Unions?

Postby Mule Bleue » Sun Aug 17, 2014 1:09 am

Why having Unions?

Well let see the difference between Teamsters and an employer association:

So what is the difference between Teamsters and employer associations?

Its a good question,no?

I will try to answer this question to the best of my abilities.

Firstly, Unions do the following:

A) Defends the righht of the employee.

B) Protects the employee against abuse or misinformation.

C) Inform employee about the labor Code.

D) Negotiate, on behalf of the employee, the working conditions an related benefits.

A few interesting links:






Business association protect businesses an their owners. They also promote, inform and represents its members in goverment an to the public at large.

Check out the following link:


Sorry. The above link is sololy aimed to help out your boss an his/her foot soldiers (A.k.a. lawyers). These associations have compulsory membership and defend, protect, inform and negotiate on behalf of the employer. Now, are they not that dissimular to unions? Are not both union and association dues tax deductible? Besides, isn't it the same for doctors, accountants, notaries and other professions .

More links:



Why do employers have the right to their associations and we do not?

It work very well for them to hold onto their power.

Plus, the whole thing is legal. , why would it not the same for us? Why are they all in their power, all they can within the law, for such things can come to us and say loudly that this is not good for us? We cannot negotiate decent working conditions, pay, insurance, pension funds, and all the perks of working as hard as we do . It is ok for them but not for us?

Lets say that we manage to have similar working conditions as those construction, ours bosses will have to leave our salary alone an bet on other aspects of their business to win contracts. In fact, they could no longer rely on cutting the price of a load just to meet their profit margin. To illustrate my point just think about a carpenter. A carpenter on a construction site earn the same salary Laval, Montréal or Québec City. His/her boss cannot cut wages or working conditions in order to compete.

OTA, CTA, and ACQ are powerful associations that influence government an the public. They control the message an the delivry so can hardly do wrong. Their association introduced the 105kmh limit in order to please government an the public. Our bosses have the right to associate without the consent of the government.

Unions have worked effortlessly to be recognized.

Unions work tirelessly everyday to convince people of the merits of organization.

Unions debunk all the famous urban legends about unions and inform prospective members that they no longer need to settle for nothing else but fear.

Unions are your good friends and they will help defend you at the CIRB.


Ok, true, there are two sides of every coin.

Trade unions are more relevant today than ever before because the economic landscape is changing every so rapidly. It's essential to stand and be counted because there are not many associations on our side. Well, Teamsters are on your side, our side.

So think about-it, why is the boss are so affraid of Unions?[color=#4000BF][/color]
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Re: Why having Unions?

Postby Joebullets » Sun Sep 21, 2014 6:43 am

Having 2 kicks at the can with Teamsters, I found out I was better off not having to pay union dues and fight for myself. Heck I ended up fighting for myself anyways so why pay these clowns to tell ya they can't help...
These are just my personal experiences with Teamsters as a union.
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